Selling May 11, 2022

Linda Lecomte, Coldwell Banker Realty Andover, Offers RealVitalize®

Fix up Your Home to Sell with No Up-front Cash

Through her affiliation with Coldwell Banker Realty Andover, listing agent Linda Lecomte offers access to the home-improvement program RealVitalize. The program offers Sellers a convenient way to boost their home’s value, by giving them resources to make home improvements and repairs. Sellers pay no up-front or hidden costs. And they pay no interest fees. The work is completed before or during the listing period.  And Sellers simply pay back the cost of their home improvements at the time of closing, using proceeds from their home sale. *

* If listing doesn’t sell within 12 months from the first project completion, Seller must pay back the full amount of covered services.

Sell Your Home Faster and for More Money

Are you considering selling your home, but you know it needs work to garner top dollar?

Then you may want to consider RealVitalize to make the repairs. The program is perfect for non-structural, high-ROI home improvements like:

  • Remodeling
  • Painting
  • Curb Appeal Enhancements & more

How RealVitalize Works

RealVitalize has a partnership with Angi — a national network of top-rated, dedicated home-service professionals. Once I enroll you in the RealVitalize program, an Angi Project Consultant connects you with local service professionals to bid on your project(s). You select who does the work. RealVitalize pays them. And Angi guarantees your satisfaction with work quality.

Your home improvements are completed on time, on budget, and at a great price. And you don’t pay for the work until your home sells. You’re happy and your buyers are happy.

Why Use the RealVitalize Home-Improvement Program

It’s a sellers’ market North of Boston.  RealVitalize is for you if you want to maximize your home’s value with repairs and improvements. But you don’t want the stress of doing it on your own. And you like the convenience of paying for the work when your home sells.

Preparing to Sell North of Boston?

If you are thinking of making home improvements or repairs in order to sell, I urge you to contact me first. I can advise you on the return-on-investment on any repairs/improvements you are considering. And I can enroll you in RealVitalize.

The video below introduces RealVitalize. Contact me at 978.886.4852, with questions.