Selling March 12, 2024

How to Prepare Your North of Boston Home to Sell in 2024

Get Ready, Set, Sell Your North of Boston Home!

North of Boston homes are selling fast and for record-high prices. In this post, Linda Lecomte, Coldwell Banker Realty Andover, gives advice on how to extract maximum value from your home. In 2024, it pays off big time to show an appealing, uncluttered property. Plus, it’s important to highlight in-demand home features that attract today’s homebuyers. Continue reading for helpful, room-by-room advice on how to prepare your North of Boston home to sell in 2024.

Make a Good First Impression with Curb Appeal

It’s springtime North of Boston. Welcome buyers with trimmed landscaping and a burst of colorful flowers. And be sure to remove any weeds, as well as dead and dying plants from garden beds.

Clear debris from the street in front of your home. Sweep the sidewalks and remove weeds from the cracks. You’ll be surprised what a difference this makes.

Reseal a worn-looking or stained driveway. Remove or roll up garden hoses. And be sure to store garbage cans out of site.

Groom Your Home’s Exterior

Walk around the outside and examine your home’s exterior. Pay special attention to the roof. In the buyer’s mind, a well-maintained roof says a lot about the overall condition of your home.

Locate and fix missing or torn shingles. Paint the whole house if necessary.

Trim landscaping and lawn. Straighten and clean gutters and downspouts. And power wash decks and patios. 

Clean all exterior windows. They will shine from the outside and let more light inside.

Open any gates. If they squeak, fix them. And if fences are peeling, paint them.

Spruce up Your Entranceway

Make your front door stand out with a fresh coat of paint. According to HomeAdvisor, the best front-door colors to sell a contemporary house are bright yellow, pink, and turquoise. Because those colors capture people’s attention. And while contemporary homes are not common in Massachusetts, homebuyers who prefer them will pay a premium for one in good condition. 

Traditional homes are more common in the Merrimack Valley and North Shore. Their front doors look best with muted colors. The most popular shades are deep blue, dark gray, and sage green. And conventional wisdom says that you won’t go wrong with black.

When it comes to the paint finish, semi-gloss is ideal for front doors. Regardless of color, semi-gloss paints are more durable and easier to keep clean than flat sheens.

Also, it’s okay to paint the interior of your front door a different shade than the exterior. Plus, it’s perfectly acceptable to use a different color on the inside, than on the outside.

Finally, it’s always wise to consider installing an updated light fixture in your entranceway. It’s a small update that goes a long way in attracting today’s homebuyers.

Ensure Your Foyer is Inviting

Your foyer offers a second chance to make a great impression. It sets the tone for viewing the rest of your home. Consider painting the walls a light, neutral color. And put your most eye-catching antique or possession on display. Make sure the flooring shines. And replace outdated light fixtures and switch covers.

Clean, Clean, Clean

A clean home is essential. Pay special attention to the bathrooms, closets and kitchen.

Wash windows inside every room. And then watch the sunlight pour in.

Dust everything. That means furniture, ceiling fan blades, and light fixtures.

Re-caulk showers, tubs and sinks.

Freshen scuffed walls with a new coat of neutral-covered paint. And replace outdated or worn carpet. Your house will take on a fresh, new feel!

Declutter Every Room

The way you live in a home is different than how you market it to the public. Clear away clutter to expose your home’s architectural features. People are essentially buying walls, windows, and space. So, don’t obscure these characteristics of your home.

If a room is crowded, remove a piece of furniture. Pack away knick-knacks. Clear countertops. Your rooms will appear more spacious.

Next, tackle closets and drawers. Remove half their items. Then neatly organize what’s left. This will signal to buyers that your home has plenty of storage.

De-Personalize Everywhere

Personal photographs and artifacts distract buyers. In fact, the fewer personal items in your home, the easier it is for buyers to imagine themselves living there.

So, remove all personal photos. Pack up your collections. Rid your home of controversial artwork and strong political or religious statements. You want potential buyers to feel at home touring your property.

Take down trophies, awards and certificates. Clear away items from the bathroom counter, tub and shower.

Keep in mind that 95 percent of buyers can’t see past what’s in your home. It’s worth it to remove the distractions.

Clear the Air

Smell makes an impact when people step into your home. So, make it work to your advantage.

It’s spring. Open windows to let in fresh air. And place fresh-cut flowers throughout the house.

Wash walls and cabinets. And place a box of baking soda in the refrigerator and in each closet to absorb odors.

Before a Home Showing or Open House, consider grinding a lemon in the garbage disposal for a fresh scent. It’s also a good idea to remove litter boxes and pet beds.

And if you like to bake, whip up a fresh batch of cookies in the morning. Some of the most-pleasant scents include vanilla, lemon, and cinnamon.

Create Peace and Quiet

The best sound to a buyer is peace and quiet. It’s important to be aware of noises and avoid them during Home Showings, if possible.

These include barking dogs, loud children, and a neighbor’s loud music. As well as, running lawnmowers and other outdoor equipment.

And be sure to address clanging pipes, as well as squeaky floors and steps. 

However, if you feel your house is too silent, leaving on non-offensive, soft music is fine. 

Bring in the Light

Buyers react more favorably to properties shown under brighter light than dark. So, maximize the natural light in your home.

Wash the windows and remove obstructions. That includes trimming outside bushes that block the sun.

And it includes opening wide all window treatments, drapes, and blinds, before every Home Showing. This not only lets in natural light, but it also exposes the windows to the buyers. If the window treatments, and so on, are excluded from the sale, remove them completely.

Test all light fixtures to ensure the light bulbs are clean and working. And consider painting walls a light neutral color to brighten the interior.

Focus on the Kitchen

Many people consider the kitchen the center of the home. So, its condition can have a major impact on your home’s value. Clean appliances inside and out. If they are old and outdated, replace at least one with a new energy-efficient model. Because today’s homebuyers value newer appliances.

Remove clutter from countertops. That includes small appliances, like microwaves, blenders, and air fryers. Leaving them out not only creates clutter, but it also highlights kitchen-storage issues. And before showings, remember to empty the dishwasher and recycling bins.

Repair or replace a damaged countertop. And fix leaky faucets.

Reduce and reorganize the contents of kitchen cabinets, drawers, and any pantry. If necessary, replace cabinet hardware for an updated look.

Freshen kitchen walls with a new coat of paint. And remove window coverings to let in more light.

Make the Bathrooms Sparkle

Bathroom condition is another important feature for today’s homebuyers. Be sure bathrooms have working faucets, toilets, and lights. Fix dripping faucets and shower heads. Replace a broken toilet seat. And consider replacing an old toilet with a water-saving model.

Thoroughly clean sink and shower drains. Re-caulk tubs and sinks if necessary.

Organize the linen closet and drawers. Remove all personal items, especially prescription medicine.

For Home Showings, fresh-cut flowers and just-washed, fluffy towels in the bathroom add a spa-like touch.

Clear the Basement and Attic

Often an after-thought, the state of both the attic and basement says much about the health of your home. Both should be well-organized and well-lit for buyers to inspect. Check to ensure your attic is properly insulated and that the basement is dry and mold-free. And consider painting stairways leading to the basement and attic for a fresh, clean look.

Clean the Furnace Room

Homebuyers will check the furnace, so clean the room where it is housed. Make sure its lights are working. And move any items on the floor to shelves. This not only creates an organized look, but it also eliminates tripping hazards.

Organize the Garage

A well-organized garage appears larger and makes a positive statement about your home. A garage stacked with boxes looks cluttered and small. So, carefully choose what to store there.

Organize tools and garden equipment. Clean any oil stains on floor. Consider installing a garage door opener if you don’t have one. And ensure interior and exterior lights are working.

Thinking of Selling North of Boston?

If you are thinking of selling, I hope you found this post helpful. While it’s a strong Sellers’ Market North of Boston, most home sellers still need to work on their home to get top dollar from its sale.

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